Social Entrepreneurship in Education

Social Entrepreneurship in Education: Private Ventures for the Public Good™ chronicles the nearly three decade history of entrepreneurs who responded to the call of A Nation at Risk (1983) report and helped launch an education industry. It tells the story of these "education entrepreneurs" and the lessons they learned, using entrepreneurial skills to tackle public problems and improve outcomes for millions of students.

This book demonstrates firsthand the importance of mentors and profiles the individuals behind the businesses, highlighting the skills and characteristics that one must possess to successfully execute and operate enterprises in education. It reflects on the development of a burgeoning industry and illuminates the possibilities for applying a private sector mind-set to education. This book is fundamental for understanding the ins and outs of utilizing social entrepreneurship to improve education for American students.

This book has been purchased and read by thousands of graduate students at business and education schools and education entrepreneurs.  It has been used in classrooms and as a resource at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and the Wharton School at Penn, Harvard's Kennedy School and the Harvard Business School, Bentley University, Johns Hopkins School of Education, University of California - Davis, Teachers College at Columbia University, USC Rossier School of Education, and Stanford School of Education.

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