About the Series

New Frontiers in Education
A Rowman & Littlefield Education Series Edited by Dr. Frederick M. Hess
This Rowman & Littlefield Education series provides educational leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers the opportunity to offer insights that stretch the boundaries of thinking on education. Educational entrepreneurs and leaders have too rarely shared their experiences and insights. Research has too often been characterized by impenetrable jargon. This series aims to foster volumes that can inform, educate, and inspire aspiring reformers and allow them to learn from the trials of some of today’s most dynamic doers; provide researchers with a platform for explaining their work in language that allows policy makers and practitioners to take full advantage of its insights; and establish a launch pad for fresh ideas and hard-won experience. Whether an author is a prominent leader in education, a researcher, or an entrepreneur, the key criterion for inclusion in New Frontiers in Education is a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and pat answers. The series editor, Frederick M. Hess, is the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute and can be reached at rhess@aei.org or (202) 828-6030.

Choosing Excellence in Public Schools
Choosing Excellence in Public Schools: Where There's a Will, There's a Way
David W. Hornbeck with Katherine Conner
Foreword by Richard W. Riley

It's the Classroom, Stupid: A Plan to Save America's Schoolchildren
Kalman R. Hettleman

Working for Kids: Educational Leadership as Inquiry and Invention
James H. Lytle