"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how social entrepreneurship can work to effectively, efficiently, and productively improve education for America's students."—Thomas W. Payzant, professor of practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; former superintendent of the Boston Public Schools

"Michael Sandler and I have worked together for over twenty five years. His experiences at Harvard, at A Different September Foundation, and later, at New American Schools gave him the unique foundation to build Eduventures into a leading research and consulting company. Social Entrepreneurship in Education is a must-read for any entrepreneur, educator, or business person interested in knowing what does and does not work in the education industry. It is a great barometer for the past, present, and future of education."—David T. Kearns, former CEO of Xerox Corporation; former deputy secretary of the United States Department of Education

"When Mike Sandler first came to Chelsea to help me reform their public schools, I did not realize the cavalry had arrived. He brought creative problem-solving skills and enthusiasm to our efforts. His successes provide inspiration and proof that business people can make a tangible difference in education reform, creating initiatives and enterprises in education that help society. This inspiring book offers both an account of lessons learned and a forward look at the opportunities for future entrepreneurs in business and education."—John Silber, president emeritus, Boston University

"Michael Sandler's new book is a must-read for those who want to understand recent United States educational reforms, which have involved partnerships between new enterprises and public entities. His analysis of the historical impact of social entrepreneurship provides a clear guide to all who are interested in understanding how private ventures can support public education in this country."—Susan Fuhrman, president of Teachers College, Columbia University; president-elect of the National Academy of Education; and founding director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education

"I have just finished reading your new book and would like to thank you for an amazing experience - wow, what an outstanding book! I read it non-stop from cover to cover! It provided the answers to so many my questions (that I evendidn't know who to ask) - and also provided a lot of great information and unique perspectives! I am so sorry I missed the opportunity attending to your "brown bag lunch" talk at the Teachers College, Columbia University on December 3rd. But I am glad I was able to see your presentation at the Conference sponsored by American Enterprise Institute and the Fordham (Thomas B.) Institute on January 11th in Washington, DC on C-Span- it was great! Many thanks again for a "wow!!!" experience reading your wonderful book!"—Larisa Schelkin CEO, President & Co-Founding Director, Diversity & Outreach in Math and Engineering DOME Foundation

"Sandler has penned a riveting insiders’ account of the emergence and development of the education industry. Tracing key developments in national policy and the larger story while telling the story of his efforts on the ground, Mike’s tale is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand new sector reform or opportunities for educational innovation"—Frederick Hess, Director of Education Policy at the American Enterprise Institute

"Michael Sandler has literally written the book on the history of the people behind the ideas and techniques developed in the wake of the reality check provided by A Nation at Risk. Social Entrepreneurship in Education delivers lessons from the private sector transplanted into our public schools with transformative effects and joins the must-read list of education reformer book lists."—Jeanne Allen, President, The Center for Education Reform

Social Entrepreneurship in Education: Private Ventures for the Public Good, captures CEOer Mike Sandler’s innovative approach to entrepreneurship and education. Developed to improve education for America’s youth, his new book chronicles the 25-year history of entrepreneurs who responded to the call of "A Nation at Risk" and helped launch an education industry. It tells the story of these "education entrepreneurs" and the lessons they learned, using entrepreneurial skills to tackle public problems and improve outcomes in education, thus addressing issues that are defining 21st century education reform.—CEO Weekly published by Chief Executives Organization
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"In 142 pages Sandler manages to produce a book that is at once a chronicle of his professional life and a 30-year history of US education from the unique perspective of an entrepreneur. Anecdotes from Sandler's experiences as a Fellow of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, from the days of the Boston University operation of the Chelsea School System, and the evolution of Sandler's company—EduVentures—abound. The book views education as an underdeveloped segment of the US economy by dividing it into three sectors: schools, products, and services."
"It serves to enrich the understanding of educational researchers who don't have an economics or business background." A worthwhile short read. Recommended. Research and professional collections.—Choice Magazine Recommendation September 2010 issue
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Unique Education Industry & Social Entrepreneurship Perspective, September 12, 2010
"There are very few people who can accurately account for the story of education industry over the last two decades in the United States; Mike Sandler is one of them. Mike's perspective is uniquely linked to the once nascent, now burgeoning effect of the private sector on early childhood, K-12 and postsecondary education. This is a must read for any entrepreneur, software engineer, venture capitalist or other person who wants to make an indelibly positive difference in U.S. education."—Frank Bonsal III, New Markets Venture Partners

"Invaluable for any entrepreneur in education. As an entrepreneur in education, I found Sandler's book tremendously insightful. Those of us involved in the industry are well aware of its ever-evolving nature, and this work accurately captures its very essence. For anyone considering a career in education, this book should not be missed. There is absolutely nobody more qualified to enlighten us than Sandler himself."—Mark A., Amazon Reviews, December 9, 2010