Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things
Chapter one sets the stage for describing why a private entrepreneur would want to wander into the wilderness of social entrepreneurship in education. It explores the particularly complicated world of education entrepreneurship, located as it is at the intersection of both business and the public sector, and shows the importance of gaining an understanding of the various coalitions of stakeholders and their interests and the important needs of alignment for a successful outcome. The chapter title foreshadows some of the unique characteristics of a social entrepreneur in education.

Chapter 4: Venturing into Education
Chapter four shows the challenges and successes of the early stages of establishing a business venture as an education entrepreneur. Long before “social entrepreneurship” became trendy, education entrepreneurs were taking private resources and applying them to creating public good in the education sector. This chapter provides lessons for the reader to consider when forming their own business. It chronicles the period in the 1990s when the term “education industry” was coined, and illustrates the distinct sectors of early education companies. These sectors (providing services, selling products or operating schools within the education market) provided the foundation of today’s education industry. The chapter illustrates when the education industry first became diversified beyond bricks and mortar initiatives, and marks an evolution representing new companies founded by entrepreneurs.

Chapter 8: Building Sustainable Structure for the Education Industry
Chapter eight reveals how a sustainable education industry emerged after the internet boom and bust period. The chapter illustrates the balance of financial and human capital necessary for successful investment as new sources of funding evolved and industry infrastructure was built. Some examples of new funders covered in the chapter are the “new” venture philanthropist, corporate, foundation social entrepreneurs and social venture capitalists. This chapter highlights some of the industry’s post boom infrastructure which brought together like minded people in industry trade associations, trade press, and industry advocacy groups for government relations. Finally, the chapter covers newly established foundations, recognized for their important support for the charter school movement.